Evolving the Production Company model


"When studios call 911, you guys answer."

We got a kick out of that (very generous) description.

Practical Magic builds upon the traditional idea of a production company by adding full-service, in-house "production engineering."

What does that mean? It means that we solve hard technical problems for studio-level media production. We build the things you see on set.

Our role is typically that of a full-service production company with an engineering division attached. We provide full-service studio-level media production for television, motion picture, and VR.


The Bleeding Edge Stuff

Practical Magic leverages considerable in-house resources to provide complex motion picture, television, and VR production services.

  • 4K/5K/6K Digital Cinema and VR
  • HDR Acquisition
  • Motion Control
  • Drone-based Acquisition and Photogrammetry
  • VR-enabled DIT and Video Village Tech


In-House HDR + 6K RT

Practical Magic's 16,000 sqft facility in Burbank includes full post-production services, with full editorial, VFX, and sound services on-site -- supporting everything from DCI to VR.

  • Dual Fibrechannel and 10GBE SANs
  • On-Premises 750+ Core Render Farm
  • HDR-Ready Color Grading Suite
  • 5.1/7.1 Mixing Room w/VR Audio Mixing


Bespoke Gear for Production

On the ground floor of our Burbank facility is an agile engineering lab focusing on rapid prototyping and deployment of entertainment-specific technology.

  • Custom camera rigs, moco, and VR equipment.
  • Rapid Prototyping (3D Printing, Metal CNC, Laser, more)
  • Emergency-speed fabrication of "On-Camera" tech/parts.
  • Custom Hardware Integrations with RED, Arri, etc.

Virtual Reality

Studio-Grade VR

The challenges of VR are extraordinary, requiring solutions that do not exist in today's technology. Practical Magic's interest in VR is simple -- we're building tomorrow's VR solutions today.

  • Moving VR Cameras (not static/tripod)
  • Motion-Control-Driven Live-VR Viewing
  • LatLong-Safe 3D Camera Solving for VFX
  • Positional Audio Workflows and Custom Tools

Meet our team

Also known as "people who vaguely remember what sleep was like."